Our Story

One could spin a yarn extending further than the eye can see when describing The Wine Men of Wednesday, but the short answer is: We love wine.


That's it!


We love wine at a time in our lives where this passion is dubbed taboo. So when the founding members first gathered at the maiden voyage of what would later become known as "Wine Wednesday", we asked ourselves, "Why is that?"


Why is it odd for a 20-something, blue-collar guy to forgo a beer in exchange for a glass of vintage Cabernet Sauvignon?


Why is it that a factory worker could not walk into his local watering hole after a long day of work and order a White Zinfandel without attracting disparaging comments?


We knew we were onto something.


From the early days of man, to this very moment, wine has been exalted as the beverage of choice for society's refined elite. This is, simply put, a crime.


With every sip we take, and every word we utter, or type, we are continually striving to break down the fictitious barriers placed between wine, once considered a direct gift from God, and the common man.


Our goal is simple. We strive to expand the demographic of wine drinkers to anybody and everybody that cares to listen. We hope that you will join us in this journey.

Sean T. Weaver


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